Final Program

The final program of speakers and times can be found below.


DAY 1- 5th of September

8:30-10:45 Registration and Poster Set Up

10:45-11:00 Welcome

11:00-12:00: Keynote Lecture Antony Galione (Oxford University, UK) Calcium Signalling from the Lysosome

12:00-14:00: lunch

SESSION 1: Channels that Regulate Calcium Movement

(Chair: Tina Romeis)

14:00-14:30: Dale Sanders (John Innes Centre, UK) Aphids and Cytosolic Free Calcium: A Paradigm for Ca2+ induced Ca2+ Release in Plants?

14:30-15:00: Zhen-Ming Pei (Duke University, USA) The OSCA1 Osmosensor Ca2+ Channel Family

15:00-15:30: Myriam Charpentier (John Innes Centre, UK) Nuclear Calcium Signalling in Symbioses and Beyond

15:30-15:50: Petra Dietrich (Friedrich-Alexander-University, Germany) Multiple Ca2+ channels regulate root hair growth

16:10-16:40: Coffee break

16:30 – 16:50: Thomas De Falco (The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK) Calmodulin as a subunit of plant CNGC complexes

16:50-17:10 David Chiasson (Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Germany) A quantitative hypermorphic CNGC allele confers ectopic calcium influx

SESSION 2: Systemic Movement of Calcium Signals

(Chair Giles Oldroyd)

17:10-17:40: Ted Farmer (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) Vascular signalling routes for wound-stimulated jasmonate synthesis

17:40-18:00: Richard BarkerSimon Gilroy (University of Wisconsin, USA) Calcium-Dependent Systemic Stress Signaling in Arabidopsis

18:00-18:20: Doron Shkolnik (Tel Aviv University, Israel) Perception of moisture gradient by roots is transmitted to the elongation zone by an asymmetric calcium signal in the phloem

18:20 – 18:40: Matthew Gilliham (University of Adelaide, Australia) Regulation of vacuolar calcium transport capacity, apoplastic calcium and plasmodesmal connectivity during pathogen infection

19:00-20:30- Dinner “BBQ”

20:30-22:30: Poster Session 1 – Even Numbers

DAY 2- 6th of September

SESSION 3: Calcium in Abiotic Responses

(Chair: Jose Feijo)

09:00-09:30: Rainier Hedrich (Würzburg Uniiversity, Germany) Molecular evolution of guard cell signalling

09:30-10:00: Julian Schroeder (UC San Diego, USA) New Insights into Ca2+-Dependent Signal Transduction in Guard Cells

10:00-10:20: Kai Edel (Münster University, Germany) Ca2+ signaling mediates ABA accumulation and transcriptional adaptation to abiotic stresses

10:20-10:40: Tzvetina Brumbarova (Dusseldorf University, Germany) Activation of FIT by CIPK-dependent protein phosphorylation promotes iron acquisition

10:40-11:30: Coffee Break

11:10 – 11:30: Maria Del Carmen Marti Ruiz (Cambridge University, UK) Circadian oscillations of cytosolic-free Ca2+ activate the evening loop in the Arabidopsis circadian clock

SESSION 4: Calcium in Plant Development

(Chair: Myriam Charpentier)

11:30-12:00: José Feijó (University of Maryland, USA) Coordination of the Sorting and Activity of Glutamate Receptor-Like Channels (GLRs) by Cornichon-Like Proteins

12:00-12:30: Julia Davies (Cambridge University, UK) Arabidopsis annexin 1 as a component of root signalling and development

12:30-14:00: lunch

14:00-14:20: Gabriele Monshausen (Penn State University, USA) Calcium regulation of auxin responses in Arabidopsis thaliana roots

14:20 – 14:40: Elad Mamon (Tel Aviv University, Israel) Revealing the relative contribution of auxin and Ca2+ crosstalk elements by factorization their interactions using structural and genetic analyses

14:40 – 15:00: Maike Breiden (Dusseldorf University, Germany) Dissecting the downstream signaling cascade of CLE40 perception in the root meristem

15:00 – 15:20: Gerald Berkowitz (University of Connecticut, USA) Development of a live-cell real-time luciferase-based biosensor to track cytosolic cAMP elevations in microdomain signalsomes that link ligand perception by cell receptors to cytosolic Ca2+ signal transduction pathways

SESSSION 5: Calcium in Biotic Interactions

(Chair: Jörg Kudla)

15:20 – 15:50: Cyril Zipfel (The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK) Generation of ROS and calcium signals during receptor kinase-mediated immunity

15:50 – 16:20: Edgar Peiter (Martin Luther University, Germany) Here, there and everywhere: calcium signals in biotic interactions

16:00-17:00: Coffee Break

17:00-17:30: Giles Oldroyd (John Innes Centre, UK) Recognition of symbiotic microorganisms for activation of symbiosis signalling

17:30-18:00: Martin Parniske (Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany) A novel component of the CCaMK/CYCLOPS complex regulates root nodule symbiosis

18:00-18:20: Olga del Pozo (IBVF/CSIC-University of Seville, Spain) A Tomato Conserved Universal Stress Protein Regulates Reactive Oxygen Species in Immunity and is a Target for Protein Kinase CIPK6

18:00-18:20: Yi Ma (University of Connecticut, USA) A putative Arabidopsis cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase is involved in plant innate immunity

18:40 – 19:00: Fang-Yu Hwu (Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany) Calcium signaling in a biotrophic oomycete-plant interaction

19:00-20:30- Dinner Buffet

20:30-22:30: Poster Session 2 Odd Numbers

DAY 3- 7th of September

SESSION 6: Decoding Calcium Signals

(Chair: Martin Parniske)

09:00-09:30: Jörg Kudla (Münster University, Germany) A Ca2+ sensor switch for tolerance to elevated salt stress in Arabidopsis

09:30-10:00: Tina Romeis (Institut of Biology, Germany) Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinases: Decoders of calcium changes into distinct biochemical activities during stress signalling and development

10:00-10:30: Marc Knight (Durham University, UK) Regulation of plant gene expression by calcium: specificity and mechanism

10:30-11:15: coffee break

11:15-11:45: Richard Morris (John Innes Centre, UK) Decoding symbiotic calcium oscillations

11:45 – 12:05: Kyle Bender (University of Illinois, USA) Autophosphorylation on Serine-318 primes CPK28 for Ca2+-activation

12:05 – 12:25: Daniel Roberts (University of Tennessee, USA) Arabidopsis CML38 is an essential hypoxia response calcium-sensor protein that assembles into mRNA nucleoprotein complexes

12:25 – 12:45: Melanie Krebs (University of Heidelberg) From qualitative to quantitative imaging: In vivo calibration of genetically encoded Ca2+ sensors in Arabidopsis

12-45 – 13:05: Alex Costa (University of Milan) Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Quantifies Calcium Oscillations in Root Hairs of Arabidopsis thaliana

13:05 – 14:30: Lunch

SESSION 7: Calcium Signalling in Organelles and Evolution

(Chair: Rainer Hedrich)

14:30-15:00: Ildiko Szabo (University of Padova, Italia) Ion Channels and Regulators Involved in Calcium Fluxes in Bioenergetic Organelles

15:00 – 15:30: Markus Teige (University of Vienna, Austria) Out of control: Chloroplast Ca2+-binding proteins point to a key role of Ca2+ for plastid development and signalling

15:30 – 16:00: Wheeler Glen (Marine Biology Association, UK) Distribution and function of calcium-dependent signalling mechanisms in photosynthetic algae

15:40-16:30: coffee break

16:30 – 16:50: Katharina Bürstenbinder (Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Germany) Insights into evolutionary conserved functions of IQD proteins in calmodulin signaling at the microtubule-plasma membrane connection

16:50 – 17:10: Julia Walter (University of Turku, Finland) Discovery of the novel calcium-binding protein CSE in the filamentous cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC 7120

17:10-17:30: Lorella Navazio (University of Padova, Italia) Thylakoid-targeted aequorin probes reveal an integrated role for thylakoids in Ca2+ homeostasis and modulation of chloroplast Ca2+ signals


19:00 – 23:55: Conference Banquet, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Plant Signalling Conference